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One Page

One page websites are a great option for small businesses, especially single service providers. B.E.S.T. can deliver a quality, mobile optimized website, quickly for your business!

What They Are

Your "Internet Brochure"

Instead of clicking and browsing through different pages, on a one page website, all the relevant information is on one page. Your potential customers can quickly see what you offer, in a great looking way!

Your Customers

Ease Of Use

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For your customers, and potential customers, having one simple page to navigate, and get quick information about your business, makes it more likely they will choose you!


How The Internet Finds Your Business

Having a website as the "central point" for your companies internet presence, is great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It gives a place for everything else on the internet to "link" to, and let's search engines know your official information, like:
  • Your official contact information (it's amazing how this can be wrong all over the internet!)
  • Hours of operation
  • Your other official social site links (Like your official Facebook Page)
  • And also let's you add "analytics code" so you can track what keyword searches are working, or which ones you need to work on

How To Get One

Contact B.E.S.T.

The team at B.E.S.T. is ready to consult with you, and get your business website up in a as little as 2 business days! We offer free consultations, great prices, hands-on support, and even payment plans to qualified businesses!

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